Wednesday 3 August 2011

Wolf & I

"You are the wolf
And I am the moon
And in the endless sky we are but one.
We are alive
Wolf & I."
                                                               -- (Wolf & I, Oh Land)

        So as my previous post stated the 2nd Quarterly Report dropped a week or so ago to a positive response so thanks for all who've read and taken part in the discussion of the blog. In lieu of my efforts other pirates have taken it upon themselves to view piracy in a similar fashion to how I do; fellow Tusker and rather e-famous blogger Taurean being the most notable.

What I did throw up on the Q2 Report however was a poll to ask you all what you'd like to see be made into a special 'investigation' report that can span any aspect of PvP (that is available to me to do, of course). Whilst it's still early days I'm noticing a strong trend that people want to see some kiting v close range analysis; we are currently in a proto-nano age right now so it's understandable that people want to take a look at profitability of such fitting styles.

My problem lies in how to approach this - very few ships can fit both a kiting role and close combat role to a similar degree. I may have to look at taking extreme approaches with the way this goes whilst making sure that the isk investment into each hull is on par. Right now the first two ships that explode into my mind are the Wolf and the Slicer. I seemingly do very well with both ships (the last Wolf I had was alive for quite some time before valiantly dying to the faceless blob), so it would make sense that pitting these hulls against each other might prove an interesting experiment. It just so happens that the majority of their targets even align fairly well and as such it should help to validate what data I might find.

It could be a smarter idea to look at the same vessel and just alter fittings (ships like the railranis, railcomet and raildevil against the blasterranis, blastercomet and blasterdevil come to mind for polarized fits). This could be beneficial as the 'core' of the ship remains - it's just the bells and whistles that change. This could also highlight (providing there is significant correlating data to suggest such things) the importance of fitting your ships - how drastically a hull can be changed through the way you fit it up. Interesting notions indeed.

I'm not committing to a finalized idea yet as anything couuld happen with the time left on the poll; if you have an opinion then go ahead and vote up on there or comment on the report should there be an option not already available. Any ideas behind how I can make this a 'fair' and worthwhile experiment would also be very much appreciated!

        In other news; things have been carrying along smoothly in my world of piracy. I'm still yet to really find fights that get my blood boiling, probably down to a desensitisation of the game itself, so I have began to stray from direct combat reports in these posts. I've broken the top 500 on Battleclinic which is rather cool, despite being a completely asinine statistic (I just love stats). I have a new blog header as you can see thanks to  Bonni3 which I hope reflects the multi-faceted nature of this blog through my musical connections.

Keep flying guys - someone's got to make the miners lives meaningful right?

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  1. Helloooo! <3

    I think you should look at 4 different categories:
    1) faction frigate close range
    2) the same faction frigate kiting
    3) assault frigate close range
    4) same assault frigate kiting

    This way you can have a multi-variable-comparison. Perhaps kiting assault frigs work better, but close range faction frigs, or vice versa. If you use different hulls to compare close and long range, you cannot do a proper comparison since you don't know whether the difference will be between the ship hulls or between the fitting type. Close and long range battlecruisers and/or interceptors may also be a good addition.

    However, something you will have to watch out for is your 'n' size. You will have to decide if you want to analyze it according to isk made per battle or net profit the ship makes before you lose it. Ship hull, as we have already seen, has a drastic effect on isk made per battle (e.g. battlecruisers make a lot more, so it would be moot to compare that to anything other than itself in a fitting analysis). However, you don't lose that many ships, so unless you lose a lot of these ships, net profit per ship may not give you a large enough 'n' to actually see a statistical significance between kiting and close range.

    Just some thoughts... if anyone has ideas on how to solve these potential issues, please throw your ideas in =)